Every so often, we all like to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Many of us have various ideas of what constitutes a good time; some prefer to relax with a movie and some popcorn while others want to go out and party and drink all night.

The third group of us like going out and finding some female companies that can be discovered on escort websites.

In reality, hiring an escort has become a common option for people to take a break without putting anyone in danger or abusing them while also paying them monetarily.

Therefore, before hiring an escort, we advise you to read the paragraphs below and familiarise yourself with the terms.

  1. Girlfriend Experience (GFE)
    One of the most popular escort services is girlfriend experiences. It’s named GFE as you will be experiencing the regular sex you’d have with a girlfriend.

    There are frequently oral, handjobs and light kissing. This is particularly well-liked among single men.
  2. Pornstar Experience (PSE)
    Similar to the GFE, the pornstar experience focuses more on what you might be used to seeing in pornography.

    More sounds, including moaning and foul language, are present. This is the fantasy service a customer is seeking if they fantasize about recreating their favorite porn or sleeping with a pornstar.
  3. Deep French Kissing (DFK)
    Many escorts will prefer to classify deep French kissing as being their option because it is not included in the other services they offer. Cold sores and unpleasant breaths are not acceptable.
  4. Oral Without (OWO)
    It is referred to as unprotected oral.
    An escort will provide her client with unprotected fellatio. Although not typically advised for the parties’ health and safety, it is still frequent and available at the escorts’ options.

    Because OWO tastes so much better than condoms, a lot of people choose OWO.
  5. Covered Blowjob (CBJ)
    Protected oral sex. Always advised for the wellbeing and security of both parties.
  6. Cum In Mouth or Bareback Blowjob (CIM or BBBJTC)
    Upon completion, some girls will specify spit or swallow. Prior to making a discussion before ejaculating is recommended. Surprises are unwelcome and won’t elicit a positive response.
  7. Ball Licking and Sucking (BLS)
    Simple and straightforward.
  8. Double Penetration (DP)
    There are times when more than two parties are involved in this action. Toy use is another aspect of DP. Prior to your date, be sure to indicate which will happen.
  9. Full Service (FS)
    Blowjob and Intercourse.
  10. Deep Throat (DT)
    During fellatio, the penis was inserted partially or completely.
  11. Multiple Shots on Goal (MSOG)
    Clients are welcome to inquire about anything that isn’t stated (multiple ejaculations are allowed).

    While some escorts are strict and base it on the paid time allocation, others are lenient and consider their dates complete once their customer ejaculates. If a customer is able to ejaculate more than once during his allocated time, MSOG is allowed.

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