Although it is fulfilling, intimate, and a lot of fun, but is sex healthy for you?

Let us analyze for you scientifically proven information on the benefits of sex that will blow your mind!

  1. Immune System Is Boosted
    According to studies, people who had sexual intercourse once or twice a week had salivary immunoglobulin A levels 30 percent higher than those who were abstinent. IgA is an antibody that serves as a first-line defense against most invading pathogens

    With the presence of salivary immunoglobulin A, we can avoid getting common diseases such as rhinovirus, colds and flu.

    It turns out that sex is a pleasurable way to give your immune system a constant boost, which is something to be carried on a regular basis and may benefit from.
  2. Sexual activity enhances blood pressure and heart health
    A 30-minute physical activity per day has surprising benefits. Our endurance, overall heart health and blood oxygenation will be improved.

    Having sex with the partner from JB Escort 2 Me is way better than dueling ropes or dumbbells.
  3. Reduce Stress and Improve Sleep Schedule
    Though it may be an overused cliché in movies, the joke about how guys frequently fall asleep right after sex is not too far from the truth.

    Blood vessels dilate, serotonin and endorphins flood our bodies making us feel relaxed post-coitus. Therefore, do not hesitate to have sex today as sex will cascade health advantages in improving sleep and eventually be more tolerant to stress.

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